All About Saltillo Tile

All About Saltillo Tile

Saltillo tile is a hard flooring type and made from clay. Also called Terracotta or Mexican tile. Our tile comes from the Northern Mexican region of Saltillo, Coahuila. Because of the particular clay available in the region, different colors and hues are created on each clay tile. Hand-pressed and wood-fired, this clay tile is very popular in Spanish style homes.

Saltillo tile is hand made and fired at a low temperature. Due to the handmade nature, the results will have slight irregularities that make the floor tile unique. 

Color variance in Saltillo tile is determined by the location where the clay comes from. Colors range from light brown to dark brown, along with a range of reddish tones. Natural color variations make the floor tile unique and a rustic custom look. 

Sealing or left natural has pros and cons. Our Saltillo tile is a solid square piece of clay, sold raw. However a layer of sealer is recommended before installation. Sealants will darken the tile slightly. Saltillo floor tile is highly porous so a sealant sealer deeply penetrates creating a thick, stain resistance, waterproof film to protect your floor for the years to come.

Since Saltillo tiles are porous, leaving Saltillo tile in its natural unglazed state can cause issues with water and oils creating stains. Wearing of the tiles also will cause need for replacement over the years. Sealing is highly recommended. 

Saltillo tiles can be used outdoors, but only in climates over 40 degrees and not freezing temperatures. This can cause the tiles to freeze and crack.

Saltillo tile in Courtyard
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