• Decorating with Saltillo Tile

    Saltillo Tile is a wonderful floor tile. It feels good under your feet and is easy to care for. With its earthy colors, it gives a warm presence and makes pairing decor easy. Adding a vibrant border tile against it with our Talavera or decorative subway tiles creates a designer "rug". We love the matte color of Saltillo tile!
  • Using Spanish Tile on Stair Risers

    Spanish tiles give main stair risers the perfect accent to a home. Uses include interior and exterior stairs where the eye tends to focus in the area of the home. Choose a tile that pulls other colors from the home such as trim or cabinets. If using with Saltillo floor tiles, most all Spanish Talavera tiles will complement each other and make great accents. Little subtle additions will make a big impact. 
  • Essential Elements in Any Home

    Essential elements for any home include tile. It is more than just the plain ceramic form- it creates movement, depth and patterns of color. There are many options on the market, Talavera is our favorite. 

    Arizona based, Estancia Tiles is known for their selection of hand painted Talavera tiles. Vibrant colors of cobalt blue, red and yellow reflect the crossroads of the Spanish culture. The hand painted tiles come in a variety of sizes from 2 to 6 inches. 

  • Talavera Tile House Numbers and Frames

    How can you set your house apart? Well, for one, you can find a variety of Tile numbers and frames that will add just the right touch of personalization. From simple metal frames to beautiful scroll design ones like these can make your home luxurious without a major investment. 
  • Tile Murals in Today's Home

    Decorative tile murals are a creative way to express your style. Talavera tile murals use vibrant colors and scenic patterns for today's homes.  They're a creative way to add to backsplashes, outdoor patios and and any area you want to highlight a room.

    If you're considering bringing one of these ceramic tile murals into your home, you'll be excited to discover limitless designs, sizes, and scenes so you can create a look that's one-of-a-kind.

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  • Decorating with Mexican Talavera Tile

    Are you thinking of adding some color to your home? Consider decorating with Mexican Talavera tile. Estancia Tiles can help with your project. Just adding some bright colored border tiles can give a touch of elegance to any kitchen, bathroom, pool, garden or patio. You don't even need a Southwestern home, Border tiles or a mural with Talavera tile are a nice complement for the laidback homes of today.