Decorating with Mexican Talavera Tile

Decorating with Mexican Talavera Tile

Are you thinking of adding some color to your home? Consider decorating with Mexican Talavera tile. Estancia Tiles can help with your project. Just adding some bright colored border tiles can give a touch of elegance to any kitchen, bathroom, pool, garden, BBQ area or patio. You don't even need a Southwestern home, Border tiles or a mural with Talavera tile are a nice complement for the laidback homes of today. 

Talavera pottery was named after a Spanish town, Talavera de la Reina. Much of this pottery was decorated only in blue, but colors such as yellow, black, green, orange were also used. During the Colonial period the Spanish brought the pottery to  Mexico. the area of Puebla became the hub for production of this ceramic because of the availability of clay and the demand for tiles from the newly established churches in the area. Puebla became the "golden age" of Talavera pottery (from 1650 to 1750). The tradition called Talavera Poblanato distinguish it from the similarly named Talavera pottery of Spain. It is a mixture of Italian, Spanish influences. 

At Estancia Tiles, Talavera tile is handmade  made strictly according to methods that date from the 16th century. Beginning with very fine clay and using all natural materials to the final glazes and firing. Talavera ceramic tiles use colors that go with your existing home decor, giving just a hint of color to your palette. Add to a kitchen backsplash, or a few added to a wall make a beautiful gallery. Their use is unlimited! Consider them on a flight of stairs, BBQ area or around the pool. 

Be sure and checkout Estancia Tiles Talavera Mexican tiles for your next project. 


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