Decorating with Saltillo Tile

Decorating with Saltillo Tile

Saltillo Tile is a wonderful floor tile. It feels good under your feet and is easy to care for. Mexican floor tile comes from the Northern Mexican region of Saltillo, Coahuila. Because of the particular clay available in the region, different colors and hues are created on each clay tile. Hand-pressed and wood-fired, this clay tile is very popular in Spanish style homes. Color changes are particularly notorious from lot to lot, because of the natural variations in clay and the mixtures used in their creation. 

Saltillo Floor Hallway

With its earthy colors, it gives a warm presence and makes pairing decor easy. Adding a vibrant border tile against it with our Talavera or decorative subway tiles creates a designer "rug". We love the matte color of Saltillo tile!

It makes a good break between rooms also. Using small 2" tiles randomly with the Saltillo tiles gives jsut the right pop of color. The designs you can create are endless and works well in just about any room of your home, inside and outside. 




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