Mezclilla Chair Rail Molding 4

Mezclilla Chair Rail Molding 4

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Mezclilla Chair Rail Trim

This Chair Rail molding will enhance any Talavera mezclilla tile installation. It can be used at the bottom or at the top a wall. The molding is hand-painted, there might be small differences in size, weight and even the color. It is called 'washed tile', which means the tile is glazed in a Mexican white color and in a second step the light blue is brushed on top of the white, that is why some white is seen through where the blue is not so dense. This technique is done on purpose to give the molding the 'brushed' looking.
  • Chair rail trim
  • Mezclilla blue
  • Width: 2"
  • Length: 3.75"
  • Height: 1" 
  • Ceramic
  • Rectangle